Order Acceptance and terms:

Please note that it is now a mandatory  requirement for all future orders to be created, only on acceptance of our full terms and conditions and privacy policy. You will be prompted to both read, and accept our terms and conditions prior to any orders being accepted, or new accounts being created.

Please ensure you have fully read and accept our terms and conditions in full prior to using any of our services

Viewing and Updating Profile Information:

Our client area provides a self-service portal for you to update / modify and view your Profile / account data. This same client portal also provides your customers with access to update their personal information including name, email address, postal address and phone number as well as any other profile related information.

Your rights to erasure (also known as the ‘right to be forgotton’):

Please see the ‘Formal Data Removal’ option to the left hand side of this menu for more information, or to process a ‘Data Removal Request’. Please note that we retain the right to store personal information for all clients who have paid an invoice within the past 7 years which is mandatory for distribution to the HMRC.

Email Marketing, Status Updates and General Email Communications:

Please note that you will ONLY be contacted by us either for marketing, product or status updates etc on the basis that you have signed up via https://decorativeagents.com – upon doing so, you accepted our terms and conditions which state communication will be made via email, using the data stored within your customer profile.

We use one method for sending marketing, newsletters and status / product updates…

MailChimp – We use MailChimp to contact customers regarding status updates, product announcements or general marketing. Our mailing list is generated on the basis that you have registered to our site, via https://decorativeagents.com. Upon registering, you automatically become enrolled in our Marketing List via MailChimp. Of course, you can choose to remove yourself from our listing by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ within the email received. Once unsubscribed, we will no longer contact you via our MailChimp marketing.